Goshi Capsules - Ahitaba + Guyabano
Goshi Capsules

Goshi Capsules

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Ashitaba + Guyabano (60 Capsules)

  • Stronger BONES
  • Healthier BLOOD
  • Mightier BRAIN

What is Ashitaba?

 Ashitaba originated in Japan, but is now cultivated anywhere in the world since its health properties was discovered. Its scientific name is Angelica Keiskei (Tomorrow’s Leaf).

This plant is traditionally seen as a major cause of healthier lives in the local residents of Japan. Due to this, the plant has been known as a “longevity herb”, which suggests that ashitaba’s diverse biological activities can prositively affect the human body.

What is Guyabano?

Guyabano is a fruit that comes from the Graviola tree. Other name for guyabano (known in the Philippines) includes guanábana, graviola, pawpaw, corossol, soursop, and custard apple. The scientific name is Annona muricata.

Guyabano is stemming from the graviola tree. Throughout history, each part of the graviola tree, such as the bark, leaves, roots, fruits, and seeds have been used for therapeutic purposes.

Weight: 500 mg

Health Benefits of Goshi (Ashitaba+Guyabano)

  • Keep the pH Balance in the Body
  • Helps to treat Hemorrhoids and expedites healing of wounds
  • Helps in Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Helps increase production of sperm in men
  • Helps reduce muscular and joint pain, gouty arthritis
  • Acts as anti-aging, whitens and beautifies skin
  • Helps to prevent Lung Cancer
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Helps to gain weight
  • Helps to prevent Alzheimer's Disease
  • Contains Vitamins B12 and Fiber
  • Strengthens the cartilage, bones and tissues

For Health Maintenance: Take 1 Capsule 2x a Day, 30-minutes before meal.

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