About Us

Incredible Buah Merah Online Store is owned and operated by Alivia Herbal Products (alivia.com.ph), a manufacturer and distributor of herbal products/supplements, whose owner is an Authorized/Registered Service Center of Essensa Naturale, Inc. in the Philippines.

We are not owned in whole or in part, neither are we also an owner in whole nor in part of Essensa Naturale, Inc. We do not represent Essensa Naturale, Inc. and vice versa. We are only selling Essensa Naturale's products online as an Authorized Service Center.

As an Authorized Service Center and to protect our Registered Dealers, we strictly follow Essensa Naturale’s Suggested Retail Price (SRP). We do not underprice or overprice. To ensure that you receive only authentic Essensa Naturale products, we source our products only through Essensa Naturale's Authorized Depot. We do not source our products from other suppliers or Dealers.

There are too many people selling Buah Merah Mix and Essensa Naturale Products online already, so why set up another one? We did so for the following reasons:

  • We want to be able to present you, our clients, a professionally made online store which will be transparent to you.
  • To protect you against bogus sellers and fake products - there are too many of them using the most common, free online selling platform in the country! Many of them selling mere imitations of Essensa Buah Merah Mix.
  • Also, given our years of experience in online marketing (helping clients set up and manage their online businesses), we have the necessary background and understanding of the online supply chain and service fulfilment
  • Last but not least, this store is also meant to provide service to other Essensa Naturale Dealers. By becoming an Affiliate, they can use this store to build their business.

We hope you will enjoy navigating our online store. And we would love to hear from you on how we can make Buah Merah Online Store better and provide you with a more satisfying experience.


About Essensa Naturale

Essensa Naturale Inc. is a Filipino-owned company that was established in 2010 in Quezon City, Philippines. It has a ONE TOTAL COMPANY concept that has its own Plantation, Manufacturing, Packaging and Marketing.

Essensa Naturale provides ORGANIC, NON-TOXIC and ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTS, from Health and Wellness, Beauty and Personal Care, Household and Agricultural.

Essensa Naturale is duly recognized and registered by the Phiippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with Registration No. CS20091707. It is also recognized and registered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as Distributor of food with license no. RDI-MM-FW-4308, and cosmetics license no. RDI-MM-FW-4308.

Essensa Naturale is a member of the prestigious trade organization, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Davao Tourism Association.