Dealer Affiliation Program

Earn More! Be An Affiliate Of This Online Store!


 The following guidelines govern the affiliation program of Incredible Buah Merah Online Shop (“The Shop”) ( 

  1. The Objective of the Affiliation Program is to provide Essensa Naturale’s Registered Dealers with the following benefits:
    • Access to a professionally made online store for Essensa Naturale Products
    • Increased sales – they can sell anywhere in the country (or the world)
    • Additional Income (on sharing shipping charges – Affiliate keeps the difference from shipping rebates)
    • More Clients – Buyers will prefer Dealer service due to cheaper shipping cost (P50 rebate per P500.00 order)
    • Additional leads for sponsorship 
  1. Only the following registered members of Essensa Naturale are qualified to apply for affiliation: 
    • Builder
    • Builder Starter
    • Builder Starter Dealer
    • Service Centers 
  1. To become a full-pledged Affiliate, Registered Member must pay a minimum non-refundable, consumable Credit Deposit of P500.00. This Credit Deposit will cover for the Transaction Fee equivalent to Seven and One-Half Per Cent (7.5%) per completed transaction; 
  1. “Completed transaction” means the client has completed the check-out process of their purchase from
  • Example of Completed Transaction: 

Transaction Ref. No.





Total Amount


Buah Merah Mix (30g)





Example of Credit (for above transaction): 

Affiliate’s Available Credit/Deposit:          P500.00
         Less: 7.5% of Transaction:             P 50.25
Affiliate’s Remaining Credit/Deposit:       P449.75

  1. Affiliates must replenish their credit/deposit once if goes below P200.00 to continue receiving service fulfillment leads from the online Shop. Affiliate’s status will be suspended once credit is fully used up. 
  1. How Affiliates make a sale:
    •  Affiliate’s name will be listed in the Affiliate Section of the Store
      During Check-Out, when Buyer selects “Dealer Service” as Payment Option, they will be asked to indicate the name of their preferred Dealer (if Dealer is listed as an Affiliate serving their area). If Buyer does not know of any Dealer in their area, the Shop will find and assign an Affiliate Dealer to complete the delivery. Else, the purchase will be converted into Cash on Delivery.
    • Upon completion of online store Check-Out, the Shop will contact the Dealer to complete the delivery for the Buyer.
    • Affiliate then serves and delivers the order(s) from his own stocks or buys the said stock/supplies from the nearest Essensa Naturale Service Center or Depot.
    • Upon delivery, Buyer pays the total amount to Affiliate Dealer less the standard rebate of P50.00 for purchases above P500.00. Note: Buyer does not receive rebate for purchase below P500.00.

Sample computation of Buyer rebates and additional Affiliate Earnings (based on the above transaction:

Total Sales (Transaction):               P670.00
Less Buyer Rebate:                        P  50.00
Total Amount Buyer Pays:            P620.00
Less: Product SRP:                      P500.00
Less: Shop Service Fee               P  50.25
Additional Affiliate Income:        P   69.75
(For this transaction)              ===========          

  1. Dealer Service Option is Cash on Delivery only. Affiliate absorbs the risk for not taking cash payment upon delivery;

  2. Affiliate arranges delivery – either to Buyer’s address, pick-up or on meet-ups (common public places such as Shopping malls);

  3. Affiliate must send to the Shop a copy of Proof of Delivery (form to be provided by the Shop) immediately upon delivery. Failure to do so will mean immediate suspension of Affiliate until delivery is completed;

  4. Product substitution is not allowed. Affiliate must deliver the products ordered by the Buyer. Product substitution may mean suspension or termination of Affiliate’s account;

  5. All transactions are considered consummated once checkout is completed and service charge is automatically deducted on Affiliate’s credit deposit who received and confirmed the order;

  6. Affiliate must accept and confirm order by email or SMS within 24 hours upon receipt of notice;

  7. Affiliate must deliver the orders within 48 hours from receipt of notice of confirmed Check-Out from the Shop;

  8. If there are no available Affiliates in the Buyer’s area, the Shop will convert the order to Cash on Delivery upon confirmation with Buyer;

  9. Affiliate is responsible to coordinate with the Buyer. Client’s order will be converted to Cash On Delivery if Affiliate is unable to deliver after 48 hours;

  10. Buyers can rate Affiliated Dealer, those with high ratings will be prioritized for the next order fulfillment;

  11. Affiliated Dealers are required to keep in high confidentiality the information they receive from the Shop, including the information of the Buyers in keeping with the online Shop’s Privacy Policy.

Send an email now to or call 09285526314 to become an Affiliate Dealer!