Essensa Naturale, Inc.

"We strive for organic way of living"


Essensa Naturale, Inc.

Essensa Naturale Inc. was incorporated and started its operations in 2009. The company is a family owned corporation whose primary business covers the sales and distribution of health & wellness, cosmetic, household and agricultural products under multi-level marketing (MLM) business model.

Through sheer determination and business acumen of its owners and management team, the company has weathered the ups and downs of business and was able to transform itself into a leading multi-level marketing company it is today. The company carefully crafted and positioned its products as an alternative to commercially available products that are known to contain harmful chemicals and this provided the thrust of promoting Organic Way of Living as an effective branding statement. As a badge of our success and credibility, we had been recently accepted as member (after undergoing rigorous screening process) by the prestigious trade organization – Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Essensa Naturale Inc. - Rise to Success

The meteoric rise of the company in the MLM industry in the recent years was two-fold, one- it was fueled by the successful introduction of its flagship product – Essensa Buah Merah Mix into the healthy juice drink market and the other was the passionate drive of its members and distributors who became the formidable sales force of the company in selling its products all over the country. It is also significant to note that the company is the first-mover who pioneered the marketing of Buah Merah based product in the Philippines. Buah Merah (Red Fruit) is a tropical fruit that is only grown in the hinterlands of Papua New Guinea. This phenomenal drink slowly crept its way into the market and soon became staple drink to a lot of health-conscious drinkers in the country even abroad. Currently, the company has around 176,000 members which includes almost 800 service centers and depots scattered in various parts of the country. The growth momentum of the company will be continually sustained by the robust sales of Buah Merah Mix & other promising products in the horizon.

Much of the success of the company lies in its advocacy to promote organic way of living by marketing ONA (Organic Non-Toxic and All Natural) products and the sincere desire to help Filipinos to uplift their financial status by giving them business opportunities thru’ their membership. The company then equip and develop its members with the necessary entrepreneurial trainings & tools to successfully run their business.

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